The CrossFit Open is in full force!!!  

The Open is for anyone and everyone regardless of ability and experience. This is a great opportunity to push yourselves a little harder, set some new PR's, and set new goals amongst the company and encouragement of friends!

Each year we designate a date and time frame to do the workouts and judging. This year we will designate the afternoon/evening classes on Fridays. Think of this like a party at the box every Friday beginning February 22. Bring food, drinks, and your best party hat:-)...and of course, all of your WOD gear:-)

If you are competing and can not make Friday evenings, you can make arrangements do the workout and get judged another time within the 5-day window. If you are not competing and just want to do the WOD, you can do that too! The Friday WOD will be the Open workout every Friday for 5 weeks.

For more information and registration, go to:

In order to have WODs judged, we need judges:-) To complete the Judges Course, go to:

Please let me know when you sign (or know you will be) and I will add you to the CrossFit Open 2019 FB Group.

Monday thru Friday OPEN GYM  
3:30PM-6:30PM (*close at 6pm on Friday*)

Saturday CLASS

-There will be an attentive coach at each class ensuring you use good form and provide any instruction needed/desired.
-There is a window of time we are open for you to come in and do your thing!  
-The time frames are from doors open to doors close. (For ex: 3:30-6:30pm means gym is open at 3:30 and closes at 6:30pm)
-You are never late for class!  
-You have flexibility-if you are limited on time and need to get right into the WOD or SS, you can do that…(after a warm up of course:-) or you can choose switch up the order of things.
-Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to close. You will need a minimum of 30 minutes to get an effective warm-up and workout. (If there is no one in class 30 minutes before the ending time, the gym will close)
-If you would like to do your own strength program or come up with your own WOD, that is an option but please run it by a coach first. We are invested in your safety and recovery!


Monthly Unlimited Membership: $100
Active Duty Military, Firefighter, Law Enforcement, & Students: $85
Any Additional Family Member (living in the same household) : $50/$40 (12 & under)  
$50 for 5 visits
Drop In: $12 (or buy a t-shirt!)
**Membership includes access to all classes!**
Fundamentals Session:  $125
~~this includes five 75-minute  introductory classes held over 2 or 3 consecutive weeks at the beginning of the month.  

Pay Ahead and Save!
Pre-pay for 3 months or more--save 20%
Pre-pay for 6 months or more--save 25%
Please contact us if you would like to pre-pay for a year or more!
*These fees include the 7.9% tax