About Me

At the young age of 12, I became aware of the impact that exercise and nutrition had on our bodies. After countless ups and downs with weight and emotions, trying nearly every fad diet and supplement, viewing food as only good or bad, I decided to get off the exhausting roller coaster and make a change. I turned my awareness and challenges into knowledge and passion!

As a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, I believe nutrition is at the foundation of health where all else builds. And, the beautiful thing about it is…we have control of what we do and don’t put into our bodies! Therefore, we have control over the direction of our health and fitness.

Two big things I have learned through my experiences are: diets don’t work long term, and a nutrition plan is much more about what goes on in our brain than in our mouth.

My goal is to help you meet yours in an encouraging, supportive way that works for you. Whether it’s a nudge getting started, accountability, or working through those bumps in the road, I will do that!

Now is the time to maximize your efforts in and out of the gym, and transform your bodies from run down gas guzzlers into well maintained reliable, efficient machines!!
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